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    1. Pre-Vocational Evaluation
    2. Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Daily Living Sills
    3. Orientation and Mobility
    4. Work Adjustment
    5. Adaptive Computer Training
    6. Dormitory

    Client performing work sample test under Evaluator's observation

  1. Pre-Vocational Evaluation

    This program consists of an in-depth, five day career exploration and evaluation to identify work habits, strengths, weaknesses and careers that are best suited to the individual. Evaluations for the Tennessee Business Enterprises program, are ten-day assessments required for entry into the TBE entry level training class. Modified one, two and three day evaluations are available, as well. 

  2. Student  learning braille from Rehabilitation Teacher

  3. Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Daily Living Skills

    This training provides instruction in adaptive skills necessary to compensate for sensory losses, including: braille, cooking and kitchen safety, personal management skills, cleaning and laundry skills, communication skills, money and time management, leisure time activities and home management/resources assessments.

  4. Photograph of Lious Galberth showing client cane techniques
    O/M Specialist introducing cane
    skills to student

  5. Orientation and Mobility

    This program provides basic instruction on using the white cane, enabling blind and visually impaired individuals to move about safely and independently.

  6. Instructor demonstrating sewing machine operating skills to student

  7. Work Adjustment

    A one to six month exposure to basic work skills and responsibilities, enabling the individual to prepare for gainful employment.

  8. Rehabilitation Teacher providing adaptive computer skill instruction
    to student

  9. Adaptive Computer Training

    A versatile service that is focused on teaching blind and visually impaired individuals basic computer applications at a beginners level. This service provides an exploration and training in the use of screen reading and text magnification software programs for the visually impaired.

  10. Photograph of outside of the dormitory from the Main street side Photograph of one of the six bedrooms Photograph of the common's area

            OE Dorm                    Two Bed dorm room            Dorm lounge           Dorm residents enjoying meal


    Meals and a 12 bed dormitory with private full bathrooms are available for residential client services.

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